projects office
> Uldis Balodis
architect, project leader
> Daiga Bikse
architect, project leader
> Daina Levane
> Viktorija Barinova
> Eva Rozite
> Ligita Lauberga
> Maris Strazdins
architect - assistant
We design residential, public and industrial buildings, reconstructions and restorations of buildings, interiors;
we provide project management and construction supervision.

Uldis Balodis

1995 -.... "Vizualas modelesanas studija" Ltd, architect, project leader, founding partner
1994 Architectural practice certificate Nr.10-0604

Work experience
1992-1995 Riga Technical University, faculty of Architecture, assistant
1989-1992 Latvia state urban design institute "Pilsetprojekts", 5th studio, leader V. Valgums, architect
1988-1989 Latvia state urban design institute "Pilsetprojekts", 5th studio, leader V. Valgums, architect-assistant
1986-1988 Riga Polytechnical Institute structural engineering office for student projects, technical assistant

1982-1989 Riga Polytechnical Institute, architect diploma

Other activities
From 1998 the member of the Latvia association of architects (LAA), the member of the LAA board and professional practice commission, area of action - competition practice

Dalība projektos

Reconstruction of shopping center to the office building, Tehnikas street 3, Airport Riga, Marupe district (2014)

Mixed function development conception, Viestura street 24, Jūrmala (2014)

Apartment building, Kvartal 18, Sortland, Norway (2014)

Regional multifunctional centre of eastern Latvia, Pils street 4, Rezekne (2013)

Stadium of University of Latvia, Riga (2012)

Open-air stage in the Rezekne town park, competition, 1st place, Raina street 29A, Rezekne (2010)

LU Natural science building, competition, 3. place, Tornakalns, Jelgavas street 1, Riga (2010)

LU Academic centre, competition, qualification for the 2nd round, Tornakalns, Riga (2010)

Ice rink, competition, Ausekla street 9, Valka (2010)

Building reconstruction proposal, A. Briana street 9, Riga (2010)

The headquarters of the bank „Regionala investiciju banka”, competition, Grostonas street 15, Riga (2009)

TOYOTA showroom and service, Rigas – Siguldas highway 2a, Garkalne rural municipality (2008)

Multistorey car park and office building, J.Dikmana street 8, Riga (2008)

Car centre, Riga, proposal, Brivibas alley 435/437, Riga (2008)

Regional multifunctional centre of Eastern Latvia, competition, 1st place, Pils street 4, Rezekne (2008)

Renovation of the building of the Permanent representation of the LR to the EU, Kunstlaan 23, Brussels, Belgium (2008)

High-rise housing block, proposal, Anninmuizas street 11A, Riga (2007)

MITSUBISHI and HYUNDAI car centre, Brivibas istreet 146C, Liepaja (2007)

LEXUS showroom and service, K.Ulmana alley 125b, Marupe municipality (2007)

Store and office building, Piedrujas street 5a, Riga (2007)

BMW showroom and service, K.Ulmana alley 125c, Marupe municipality (2007)

Residential complex in Zakusala, competition, 2nd place, Zakusala (2007)

Residential complex in Lucavsala, competition, 1st place, Lucavsala (2007)

Residential complex on Ezermalas street, competition, 1st place, Ezermalas street, Riga (2007)

Apartment building, Vaidavas street 6 k-3, Riga (2006)

Office building and warehouse, Jurmalas street 13C, Pinki (2006)

SPA hotel, preliminary sketch, Viestura street 8, Jurmala (2006)

MITSUBISHI and HYUNDAI car centre, Lielirbes street 32, Riga (2005)

Housing complex, Zentenes street 21, Riga (2005)

Artificial ski slope, proposal, Pinki municipality (2004)

Reconstruction of the historic warehouse into residential building, Vecpilsetas street 8A, Riga (2004)

Swimming pool, preliminary sketch, Deglava / Saharova street, Riga (2004)

Water amusement park "LIVU", Vienibas avenue 24, Jurmala (2004)

Artificial ski slope proposal, Lielvardes street, Riga (2004)

Commercial centre and its territory, Pionieru street 2, Bauska (2003)

„Jahtklubs" sports centre, Vienibas avenue 36, Jurmala (2003)

Private house, Saldus street 17 and 19a, Jurmala (2003)

KRUZA industrial goods store, Vaidavas street 9A, Riga (2002)

Proposal for the long-span covering structure of the Ventspils Olympic center stadium for the Eurovision song contest event, Sporta street 7/9, Ventspils (2002)

Jurmala alternative school, competition, 2nd place, Mezotnes street 4, Jurmala (2002)

Reconstruction of the private house, Scecinas street 4, Riga (2002)

Private house, Miera street 23, Jurmala (2002)

SUBARU showroom and service, Brivibas alley 295, Riga (2001)

Office building and warehouse, Gaujas street 32/2, Marupe municipality, Riga region (2001)

TOYOTA showroom and service, K.Ulmana alley 125, Marupe municipality (2001)

"MENESS" bowling, Vaidavas street 4, Riga (2001)

Apartment building, Darzkopibas street 12, Jurmala (2000)

Housing complex, Murjanu iela 14, 16, 18, 20, Riga (1999)

Reconstruction of the office and residential block, Stabu street 19, Riga (1999)

Reconstruction of Riga central railway station and its square, competition, 1st round, 1st place, Stacijas laukums 2, Riga (1999)