projects office
> Uldis Balodis
architect, project leader
> Daiga Bikse
architect, project leader
> Daina Levane
> Viktorija Barinova
> Eva Rozite
> Ligita Lauberga
> Maris Strazdins
architect - assistant
> Andis Dobris
architect - assistant
We design residential, public and industrial buildings, reconstructions and restorations of buildings, interiors;
we provide project management and construction supervision.

Daiga Bikse

1995 -....  "Vizualas modelesanas studija" Ltd, architect, project leader, partner
1994  Architectural practice certificate Nr.10-0609
1991-1993  Latvia state urban design institute "
Pilsetprojekts", I.Jakobsons's studio, later J.Gertmanis's studio, architect
1990-1991  Latvia state urban design institute "Pilsetprojekts", K.Alksnis's studio, architect
1991 Riga Technical University, faculty of Architecture, architect diploma

Dalība projektos

New arehouse and industrial building; reconstruction of office buildings, Viskaļu street 271, Riga (2016)

Hospital premises, 18. novembra street 41, Rēzekne (2015)

Reconstruction of shopping center to the office building, Tehnikas street 3, Airport Riga, Marupe district (2014)

SEB bank branch Skanstes, Rimi Valdemārs mall, Kr.Valdemāra street 112, Riga (2014)

Development concept of Latgales street and adjoining areas, Rezekne. 1st place (2014)

Regional multifunctional centre of eastern Latvia, Pils street 4, Rezekne (2013)

SEB bank branch Vaļņu street, Vaļņu street 11, Riga (2013)

"Enfort" office interior and set up project, Bieķensalas street 6, Riga (2013)

"MSC Latvia" office interior - reconstruction project, Duntes street 17, Riga (2011)

"Runway" office interior and set up project, Skanstes iela 54a, Rīga (2011)

Reconstruction of the NBS sports club swimming pool, Krustabaznicas street 9, Riga (2011)

Open-air stage in the Rezekne town park, competition, 1st place, Raina street 29A, Rezekne (2010)

LU Natural science building, competition, 3. place, Tornakalns, Jelgavas street 1, Riga (2010)

LU Academic centre, competition, qualification for the 2nd round, Tornakalns, Riga (2010)

Conceptual design idea, Juras 41/45, Jurmala (2010)

Office interior, proposal (2010)

The headquarters of the bank „Regionala investiciju banka”, competition, Grostonas street 15, Riga (2009)

Two apartment buildings, Upenu street 4 and Puces street 21, Riga (2008)

Office centre, Skanstes street 13, Riga (2008)

KRŪZA industrial goods store, Tinuzu street 2, Riga (2008)

Preliminary sketch of the private house, Undines street, Jurmala (2008)

Preliminary sketch of the commercial building, Deglava street 166A and 166B, Riga (2008)

preliminary sketch of the office building and parking, Skanstes streeta 3/5, Riga (2008)

Regional multifunctional centre of Eastern Latvia, competition, 1st place, Pils street 4, Rezekne (2008)

Reconstruction of the hotel, Dzintaru avenue 68, Jurmala (2008)

Residential complex in Lucavsala, competition, 1st place, Lucavsala (2007)

Residential complex on Ezermalas street, competition, 1st place, Ezermalas street, Riga (2007)

Apartment building, Jomas street 15, Jurmala (2006)

Reconstruction of the guest house REZIJAS rekonstrukcija, Kegums rural municipality (2006)

Residential complex "Lielvardes centrs", proposal, Lielvardes street 132, Riga (2005)

Hotel reconstruction, proposal, Juras street 41/45, Jurmala (2005)

KRUZA industrial goods store, Jurmalas alley 89, Riga (2004)

Water amusement park "LIVU", Vienibas avenue 24, Jurmala (2004)

Two office buildings, Skanstes street 13, Riga (2004)

Private house ELLA, Garkalne rural municipality (2004)

Reconstruction of the office building, Gaujas street 3, Riga (2003)

Reconstruction of the private house, Kapu street 55, Jurmala (2003)

Private house, Saldus street 17 and 19a, Jurmala (2003)

Private house SKUJAS, Adazi municipality (2003)

KRUZA industrial goods store, Vaidavas street 9A, Riga (2002)

Office building and warehouse, Deglava street 166A and 166B, Riga (2002)

Jurmala alternative school, competition, 2nd place, Mezotnes street 4, Jurmala (2002)

Building extension of Art Academy of Latvia, competition, encouragement prize, Kalpaka bulvaris 13, Riga (2002)

Row houses, Murjanu street 10 and 12, Riga (2000)

Housing complex, Murjanu iela 14, 16, 18, 20, Riga (1999)

Reconstruction of Riga central railway station and its square, competition, 1st round, 1st place, Stacijas laukums 2, Riga (1999)